Why hand-crafted hot sauce is ALWAYS better for your health & the planet

We like to be able to pronounce each ingredient in our products, and we like them the way we like our people: non-toxic.

See, at Black Mamba we are passionate about making dangerously tasty food that is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the communities we work with. This is why our small business is a fair-trade enterprise that sources produce from micro-growers who practice regenerative farming, and supports local women who help us to create out flavourful, preservative-free hot sauces without any added nonsense.

GOOD for the planet = GOOD for you!

By operating in this way, we get the most wonderful organically grown ingredients, the farmers get a sustainable income, and our local ecosystems are restored with the use of regenerative agriculture methods. That’s what we call a HOT deal!

Another added benefit is that we work with real chillies and real fruit, and are able to make real, incredibly tasty food without the addition of any artificial preservatives, flavourants or colourants.

The same, however, cannot be said of most commercial hot sauces available on most supermarket shelves. Mostly, these big-brand sauces are filled with mysterious chemicals and additives that are pretty hard to pronounce, let alone digest.

No real chillies = NOT a vibe

This un-ayoba approach allows profit-driven businesses to increase volume and make their products as cheap as possible. 

So, besides using a lot of preservatives and additives, they don't even use real chillies. Instead, they use some weird things called oleoresins and reconstituents, and find some modicum of flavour in chilli powders and dried, processed chillies instead of the real thing. This makes their sauces cheaper to produce because they don't have to buy fresh chillies.

On the other hand, our sauces contain real, fresh chillies straight from the farm. For instance, our Cayenne Chilli Sauce has a chilli component of 22% in comparison with commercial sauces that come in at around 5%. Suffice it to say, the difference in terms of authentic flavour is enormous. Plus you don't get the empty calories of added processed sugars without any depth of flavour.

Enjoy authentic, health-boosting flavour beyond the fire

In short, nothing comes close to hand-crafted, small-batch hot sauce made from the real thing. You deserve the full experience of a well-crafted product, which is why we bring you a range of deliciously punchy sauces with plenty of Swati-Colombian flavour beyond the fire. Not to mention the health benefits of honest-to-goodness capsicum, or course!

Add authentic flavour to your meals and enjoy all of the real and authentic zesty, tangy, spicy, or sweet flavours with none of additives and chemicals! Find your favourite here.

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