Black Mamba Employee Spotlight: Meet our Amazing Shop Assistant Nondumiso Makhubu

Ndumi, as she is affectionately known by the Black Mamba team,  joined us back in 2016. Claudia (CEO) confesses, “I don’t remember the interview in detail, only that she had an outstanding personality that grabbed my attention and I knew she was the right choice.” 

Ndumi remembers it a little differently! When she arrived that day, there were two other candidates -  beautifully made-up, elegantly dressed women, quite the contrast to Ndumi’s very casual dress. After the interview process was complete she recalls that Claudia mentioned that her casual outfit won her over. Being ready to go and comfortable is far more important to Black Mamba than formal dress and etiquette. 

But that isn’t the only reason she joined the team. Claudia always values recommendations, especially ones from within the Black Mamba team, and Ndumi came highly recommended. In addition to glowing reviews, she had previous retail experience working for another amazing Eswatini craft business called Zoggs

Today, this bright spark's daily responsibilities include maintaining a clean, presentable storefront and handling customers. Her favourite part of the job? “I love talking to customers, meeting new people, and building connections with the lovely people who come through the shop from day to day.” 

It’s this love of communication and people that motivates her daily. So much so that she manages the store as well! Ndumi also really enjoys marketing the products as taught by Black Mamba. She relishes a challenge and always leaps at the chance to try new things and learn more. When an additional team member was needed, Ndumi brought her 19-year-old sister to the team and she had trained her so well that no additional training was required from Claudia, much to her delight!

“I really love the teamwork at Black Mamba”, Ndumi says, “I love the fact that we are really like a family here”. This is music to Claudia’s ears, because this approach is something that is very much part of the ethos of Black Mamba alongside the other pillar of the company, which is female empowerment. 

Ndumi really values this, as do many of the customers who come through the store. “Often when I talk to the customers they mention that the reason they come is because Black Mamba promotes and supports women,” she says proudly. 

Naturally, you can’t work in the store and not try the products. Ndumi’s favourite is the Peri-Peri sauce. She can’t get enough of that hot, tangy goodness, even going so far as to take her own bottle with her when she goes for her favourite Nando’s take-out (much to everyone’s amusement). 

She is revelling in her life right now, happily married with two beautiful children: a 9-year-old boy, and a 4-year-old girl. “I am very blessed with the life I have”, she says smiling. 

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