Regenerative agriculture & how it can help us to leave the planet better than we found it

You have probably heard the words regenerative agriculture or green agriculture at some point. In these times when the news about environmental collapse is enough to send you into a spiral of depression, this amazing farming system becomes a tangible and exciting solution for the future of our planet.

For the skim-readers among us, here is the super important gist of why regenerative agriculture is completely amazing: the cure to fix our planet is right under our feet! If we understand how precious soil is, and learn how to take care of it properly, we can actually slow down climate change. 

No kidding! 

See, one of Black Mamba’s core pillars is the belief that we need to be as mindful and respectful as we can with our planet, and this is one of the reasons we partner with Guba Permaculture Training Centre. They share their knowledge of permaculture and regenerative agriculture with all the smallholders that grow our chillies and herbs. This allows us to get organically grown ingredients that are good for our customers, but also good for the Earth 🌍

What regenerative agriculture actually does is to create ways of growing our food that not only do not damage the soil - which is the most precious thing we have on earth - but that actually improve its quality by providing nutrients. 

This approach allows the soil to replenish itself, regenerate, and helps us, in turn, to grow even more food. Some of the principles of regenerative agriculture are the same as those of permaculture. This includes steering clear of mono-crops, swopping extensive farming methods for an intensive growing approach, rotating crops, embracing companion crops, planting trees, and growing on smaller parcels of land.

This is precisely what Guba does and teaches to the small-scale farmers that produce the ingredients for our Black Mamba products. They share this incredible knowledge that helps farmers to go beyond merely sustaining the soil and our planet, to actually leave it better than they found it. 

At Black Mamba, we believe it is our duty to foster and encourage these planting methods among our suppliers, and it's such a privilege to have access to the resources and training provided by Guba. We know for a fact that this is what our planet needs – to go beyond sustainability and strive for regeneration. We need to bring more life, instead of simply trying to maintain the status quo. 

So we are very happy to share with you that every time you choose to purchase a Black Mamba product, you support a supply chain that is helping our struggling planet to heal. And that is quite a big deal!

PS: There is an amazing documentary on Netflix called Kiss The Ground, that shows that there are already pockets of farming associations following these principles, that have seen an incredible regeneration of their ecosystems. If you want to learn more about regenerative agriculture, we highly recommend you watch it 😊

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