The Black Mamba Manifesto: Building a Better World Through Good Food

BLACK MAMBA is about more than dangerously good food. Yes, we make HOT chilli sauces and other delicious products (and we love doing it!) but the reason we exist goes above and beyond our products. We are here to change food ecosystems, and we are at the vanguard of a movement to change the way we think about, and the way we produce and consume food. As an ethical business, we aim to lead by example in order to spread awareness, empower consumers, and inspire other conscious brands.

This is our manifesto: 

* We are food rebels who inspire ethical foodies to challenge the status quo.  

* We take action to build a better world through good food and ethical practices.

* We believe that food can only be truly good if it's good for you, good for the planet and good for people.

* We foster a love and appreciation of spicy food and its cultural significance, and are committed to crafting unique, bold flavours that challenge and excite the palate.

* We are proud to bring the soul and flavour of Africa to the world.

* We venture beyond sustainability and we promote regeneration in order to protect our environment and communities, and do so by supporting and uplifting small-scale local growers who embrace regenerative farming methods.

* We are an open and transparent business offering a positive and inclusive environment for all of our employees, suppliers and customers.

In essence, our focus is on paving the way for GOOD stuff in everything we do. We want to make the world a better place, one delicious bite at a time. Join us in leading the Black Mamba revolution and let's make a positive impact together, because good food, and good choices, CAN change the world! 

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