BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Sauce Featured in Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces

The Black Mamba team is very proud to announce that our BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Sauce has been chosen to feature in Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces by Neil Ridley & Dean Honer.  

If you're a heat-seeker that prioritises flavour beyond the fire, this is the book for you. With absolute classics and a plethora of new and unusual sauces from nearly 50 countries, it's the ideal way to discover everything you need to know about hot sauces from around the globe. From moderately mouth-tingling sauces to absolute scorching sizzlers, this indispensable guide takes you through an expert selection of the world’s best.

This includes our BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Sauce, a chilli venom made with organically grown cayenne chillies and fresh herbs, ready to strike any dish with a dangerously tasty bite. 

“Wonderfully fruity and herbaceous on the nose, with a slightly smoky cayenne note. The sauce explodes with flavour, including pungent ginger, a little vinegar bite, some zingy citrus and lots of warming pepper notes” is how our Cayenne Chilli sauce gets described in the book. If you haven’t experienced this award-winning and sustainable hot sauce, and perfect alternative to Sriracha, you’re missing out 😎

In addition, you’ll find an extensive introduction that covers the history, culture and science of hot sauce, tips and tricks from the top industry ‘saucerers’, not to mention 10 simple, mouth-watering recipes for pairing with your hot sauce collection.

Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces is a fun and fiery celebration of the global phenomenon that is hot sauce. Now available on Amazon!

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