10 Spicy Ways to Enjoy African Hot Sauce with EVERYTHING

The great thing about our Black Mamba organic, fairtrade chilli sauces is that you can enjoy them in so many amazing recipes. Sure, they're great on tacos, and epic on pizza, but there are a bunch of incredibly tasty ways to use it in cooking and baking (and even drinks!) that you might not have thought of at all before.

So, to serve as inspiration next time you reach for a bottle of your favourite hot sauce from Eswatini, here are a few unexpected Iand delicious!) ways to put Black Mamba on everything:


Spicy Kiwi & Jalapeño Granita Oysters

Bring out your inner bougie with these Spicy Kiwi & Jalapeño Granita Oysters. It’s fresh, zesty, a little sweet and full-on delicious - everything you want in summertime appetisers.

Salmon Salad Jars with Jalapeño Mayo Dressing

You know when you're starving, but you're sweaty and hot and you don't even want to THINK about putting on the oven? This is when we like to whip up these tasty, mood-boosting Salmon Salad Jars with Jalapeño Mayo Dressing (and a zingy little bite from our BLACK MAMBA Jalapeño Chilli Sauce!).


Orange Marmalade & Peri-Peri Braai Ribs

Every now and again you need to treat yourself to some stick-to-your-ribs goodness. This is when we whip up this Orange Marmalade & Peri Peri Braai Ribs featuring FRUIT BAT Orange Marmalade and our award-winning BLACK MAMBA Peri Peri Sauce. Super easy to assemble, and a crowd-pleaser of note!

Boerewors & Cayenne Chakalaka Braai Burger

Here's a fun southern African cultural crossover in burger form - a Boerewors Braai Burger with some serious chakalaka flavours in the mix. Imnandi kakhulu mhlobo wam!


Pearl Barley Egg Fried Rice

We all know we need to eat more healthily, and it's SO much easier when the food is really tasty. This incredibly easy-yet-hearty recipe for Pearl Barley Egg Fried Rice features our BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli sauce and all sorts of Cantonese-inspired deliciousness. A great one-pot option for quick-sticks weekday dinners.

Spicy Charred Pineapple & Corn Salsa

We love celebrating #TacoTuesday with generous helpings of our favourite Charred Corn & Pineapple Salsa featuring BLACK MAMBA Pineapple Chilli Sauce! So quick to make, so tastily tropical, so YUM!

Vegetarian Nacho Salad

We LOVE a loaded salad. The more fun stuff, the better! This is why this Vegetarian Nacho Salad & Chipotle Chilli Sauce gets all sorts of high fives from the Black Mamba crew. It's fresh, filling, healthy AND tasty with a cheeky little zing and Mexican yum to keep you on your toes - perfect for meal prep and summery lunches, and as a great variation for Taco Tuesday!


Flourless Chocolate Cake with Cayenne Chilli Ganache

Showstopper cakes are one of the great joys of this life, and we adore this Flourless Chocolate Cake with Cayenne Chilli Ganache that features our deeply flavourful BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Paste.

Chilli Chocolate Brownies

Chilli Chocolate Brownies, featuring BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Paste. Not to be dramatic, but this is going to change your entire LIFE. Paired with some good coffee, it will round of any indulgent meal to perfection.


Dracula's Bloody Mary

This super spicy Dracula's Bloody Mary is laced with BLACK MAMBA Cayenne Chilli Sauce. We also like to dress it up with all sorts of fun garnishes ranging from classic celery and lemon to stuffed olives, crispy bacon, shrimp, and even buffalo wings - the perfect cocktail for a Halloween party or weekend brunch.

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